Life Can Be Quite Charming

I made a fire last night. It was the first fire of my adventures. It was much like the fires that will be keeping me warm and comfortable on my adventure, but it was different. This fire was surrounded by some of my favorite humans. People who I have met along the way and who wanted to wish me safe travels. The sound of the chirping frogs, the laughing children, the conversations about life and adventure, it all added to the atmosphere of excitement that I have been living in for weeks.

The fire reminded me of past fires when I was younger. Talking life and adventure around a campfire is one of those timeless activities that can happen and aren’t easily forgotten. Discussions around campfires can lead to life changing realizations or existential thought that might otherwise just be passed over by a group sitting around and chatting in a kitchen.  I also was brought back to my young childhood days when I was the laughing kid who had no interest in the adult discussions; when existential thought was not as interesting as pretending to be a dragon or a stick-wielding fire master.  The constant has always been the warmth and comfort of a fire.

The fire also brought me to a different place. I could just imagine sitting in front of the fire, Little Wing beside me, while I write or draw under the night sky. Existential thought and life changing realizations brought on by myself, and my daily experiences, vs the discussion had between other humans. The future that I imagined last night is not to far away. Campfires will soon be lone endeavors with little to no human interaction involved. Last night was a welcome treat, as well as a pleasant wake up to my coming reality.

There were life changing realizations last night. Charming humans and a beautiful night lead to great discussions. I handed out business cards and Altoids and in turn was awarded with traveling tips and kind words. I was also given two charms last night. I was given a bracelet that has on it cedar berries. The note that came with it informed me they were also called Ghost Beads. Ghost beads apparently protect against evil spirits for the person who wears them. The other was a bead person, made by a friend of mine and given to me by another. It is a charm to encourage safe travels. It is amazing how little doodads like these can make such a difference. I can feel the love that was gifted when I look at them which is something I am going to value more than anything on the trip.

Taking Little Wing away from the family and friends that I love into unknown territory – for the sake of finding more that I can love – that is a big deal.

I was asked the other day what is it about the rest of the country that makes me feel I should leave the home I have here. It is an interesting question. I have thought about it, and it is a question that will be more easily answered as time goes on. However, I have a short response to the query right now. I am not leaving home. I am not leaving family and friends. I am exploring my home and finding more friends. I am not just a citizen of Northern Minnesota. I am not just a Midwesterner. In fact, I am not just an American. I am an organism of the world. Exploration of it is not just for the idea of traveling, but more the expansion of thought about the world I belong to.

The fire last night lead to a life changing realization; I am not taking the trip for the sake of going, instead I am taking the trip for the sake of learning and growing.

The charms I received last night were from two different origins. They both brought me a sense of peace. Good luck charms filled with love are full of the positive vibes that I think are necessary for growth and learning. It is amazing how the littlest thing can brighten another humans day so greatly. Every time I look at them I will be reminded of the good things that this world is filled with.

Isn’t that the way he world works too? People tell others they are charming as a compliment. Good luck charms are carried by many people for good luck. I had a bracelet from my grandmother which I kept and wore for a very long time til it was lost in one of my many moves. Life is filled with charm. It is like a soft, cozy, cushion we like to fall back on. A comforting thing that fills us with existential thought about luck vs fate. Much like a nice warm fire.

I am looking forward to my next fire on the road.


Doing responsible things before taking off on the motorcycle

I have been procrastinating.

I have been actually doing a pretty great job at it.

If only I hadn’t stopped. If I had held out for just a few more days it might have been one of the best procrastination’s I have pulled off. However, I was thwarted. Something (maybe it was my better demons) stepped in and put a stop to all the fun, and now I am actually completing the task.

Actually, this might be one of the most successful non-procrastination’s yet, which is probably a good thing.. I guess. The thing I may-have-but-did-not procrastinate on was the packing, moving, and consolidation of my current belongings in preparation for the big trip I am about to embark on. I have done this moving thing many times before (usually within 48 hours of the actual move because I am a pro procrastinator), but never has it been such a big deal. Mainly because it can’t be a big deal. I can only take so much with me, and I can only pack so much into the truck to take from my current place of residence to the place of storage. Making for an arduous task, something I might akin to playing Chess; a lot of thought going into the movement of a single object across a very small space.

I don’t really like Chess.

Being the person I am, a responsible young adult going on a slightly crazy (possibly irresponsible) trip, I have taken it on myself to complete this task now, a little less than two weeks in advance. That is a lot of non-procrastination right there.

This trip that I speak of, the one with the small load, is a trip across the United States on my motorcycle. A small 650 cc. About 300 lbs of Suzuki Savage that can carry me.. and very little else. I am starting to figure that out. It certainly won’t hold my record player and albums, or the small collection of my favorite books. My art supplies won’t fit. Not even my great collection of graphic band tees are going to be making it across country.
I know this.
I mean I am not shocked (the shock I expressed was mainly for comic effect.. for my own benefit at this point). What I am is tired. Tired of hauling boxes of albums and books across the state in my truck. Tired of hauling them up and down flights of stairs. Tired of the fact That I feel so attached to all those tees, and the few nice jeans I own that actually fit. Attachment that is leading me to have difficulty tossing them in the black garbage bag dedicated to the clothing meant for Goodwill. It tires me to know that my plan to escape actually involves forethought and planning. What? Who knew.

I knew.

Like I said I have done this before. Two years ago I managed to move six times within about 12 months. However each time I purged myself a little more. Rid myself of the crap that makes a person feel like they need a place to belong just so they have a place to store the junk they’ve collected. Each time I allowed myself to feel like this free agent. A person who could just take off with this feeling of young, free, independence. I was only slightly fooled. This time I know for certain I am not that autonomous agent. I am relying on the kindness of the people around me too much this time for that to be the case. I suppose that’s why I am not procrastinating.

The milk of human kindness often makes one feel more energetic when it comes to getting stuff done. I mean one doesn’t really have any other option when asking for others help. No one wants to help someone who doesn’t help themselves. The milk of human kindness is great at inducing self-responsibility.

While all I really want to do is hop on Little Wing (oh, I am not sure I have formerly introduced you to my 650 Savage, excuse me. Little Wing, this is the reader. Reader this is my motorcycle.) and travel the states free and easy, I also want to make and keep friends along the way. I guess that’s growth right? I am not just running, I am actually taking time to do things the right way.

Like not procrastinating. That’s a step.