How To Survive The Wind: As Told By The Grass (Interpreted By Me)

Today it is quite windy. This morning it was windy and it was raining, and then the rain stopped but the wind remained.

I looked out my window at the rain, sipping my tea. I mused how awesome it was that the grass moved with the wind, swaying to and fro, dancing with the strong gusts. The grasses would straighten their spines again when given the chance, but would again lay flat when the wind came back. The grass did not break, instead, it adapted. If the grass were stiffer it would be less resilient and it probably would have broken.

It is a wonder to watch the simple wisdom of Mother Nature. The adaptability instilled in the grass is probably why it has survived the wild and crazy history of the Earth. I wonder if that same ability to adapt is one of the reasons we humans also survive?

Either way, I am grateful for the wisdom that the grass shared with me this morning. Mother Nature shares many helpful lessons.

DSC06401 (1280x934)


Making Room For Adventure

DSC06393 (1280x685)

The other day I bought a piece of land with the love of my young and aspiring life. It happened. I am an official landowner.

This is the start of new journey and I am not going this one alone. As I type Cassidy is reading about well drilling, telling me all about our options to getting water to our home that we will soon be building.

“Are you even listening to me?”

Yes, Cassidy, yes I am. Why wouldn’t I be?

DSC06384 (1280x832)

Ah, the sweet life. Sharing life with another, I didn’t have any clue I would remotely enjoy it, and now here I am, sharing land and listening to this dude go on and on about wells.

DSC06389 (853x1280)

We bought land Friday. It was a great day. Our awesome agent, Eric (whom I recommend to anybody in the Bemidji area if you are looking for a helpful, knowledgeable, agent to hook you up) met us at the title offices in Bemidji. I wore a nice outfit, Cassidy wore his usual. We arrived a half hour early out of sheer nerves and then found ourselves wandering off to target to buy toilet paper and tape. We came back and walked into the office. Cassidy, in his cool calm way, commented on some large pine-cones on display in the window and I blathered a loud and awkward response as I made my way to the bathroom.

And then we met at the conference table. We were handed papers by a very nice lady, and we signed them. I trembled, I dropped the pen, I dotted my i’s in all the wrong places, and then the nice lady took our check and told us congratulations.

It was about a ten minute or so. Then we went out for ice-cream.

DSC06376 (1280x853)

We saw this turtle last week on a walk. He is a painted turtle. We saw two turtles that day. Earlier we had spotted a snapping turtle in the same area, probably only a few hours prior

We have the best ice-cream shop here in Bemidji. It is called Big River Scoop. The have so many good flavors. They are one of the reasons I am happy to continue my life here in the Bemidji area.

Now we are looking at wells, and by “we” I mean Cassidy. It is kind of unreal.

DSC06394 (1280x853)

This is a wall of tees that stands at the front of our land. It is only about five foot across, but it is quite tall. It is our line of pines.

Today, after a work meeting that I have at noon, we are headed out to our place to mark some trees and think about driveways. We probably will also take a second, sit on a log, and debate the reality of one of the realist things I have ever done. Listen to the birds, check out our pines. It sounds lovely.

I am starting up this blog again. I have embarked on an adventure, and I fell that my warranted hiatus is now ready to be lifted. I have grown a lot since the days when I started this blog. I am still as self-assured as ever, but with a bit more wisdom. I am sure there will be more to come in the coming months and I am happy to share J

Check it out, this is ours:

New Land bought 6-3-16 (1280x853)