How To Survive The Wind: As Told By The Grass (Interpreted By Me)

Today it is quite windy. This morning it was windy and it was raining, and then the rain stopped but the wind remained.

I looked out my window at the rain, sipping my tea. I mused how awesome it was that the grass moved with the wind, swaying to and fro, dancing with the strong gusts. The grasses would straighten their spines again when given the chance, but would again lay flat when the wind came back. The grass did not break, instead, it adapted. If the grass were stiffer it would be less resilient and it probably would have broken.

It is a wonder to watch the simple wisdom of Mother Nature. The adaptability instilled in the grass is probably why it has survived the wild and crazy history of the Earth. I wonder if that same ability to adapt is one of the reasons we humans also survive?

Either way, I am grateful for the wisdom that the grass shared with me this morning. Mother Nature shares many helpful lessons.

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