Cold Hands

Minnesota. North Dakota. Headed towards South Dakota.

Chilly mornings are the worst. The beauty of morning skylines become slightly marred by the frozen hands that must operate the clutch and throttle.

The first warm rays of sunlight are the best though. The black leather of my gloves draws the heat and I can feel my fingers thaw. The road I’m taking is headed south so my left hand is getting most of the benifit from the sun, but every time the road twists a bit to the East my throttle hand gets its turn in the sunlight.

I’m currently sitting in a gas station in Breckenridge, MN warming my hands by typing on my phone. I feel comfortable now. Time to get back on the road.

I have had many other thoughts that I have been writing out, so expect another blog soon.
This was just a warm up post.

Time to go ride. The sun is higher now.


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