My wrist hurts, as does the pinky and the pad of my hand below my pinky.

If you want to know where I speak of then go ahead and hold out your left hand, palm facing up. Trace a line from the web between the ring finger and pinky down along the curve of the pad that is below the pinky. Keep tracing down to the main vein that runs in your wrist and then make a sharp 90° angle towards that wrist joint on the pinky side of your arm. You have just succeeded in pinpointing my hurt, and who said one needed medical jargon and knowledge of anatomy to discuss health issues?

This pain set in a day or so after the fall Little Wing and I took. I didn’t notice right away, it wasn’t bruised and it didn’t hurt terribly. As the days went on it got worse and now it is just a pain. My hand hurts.

The pain is like a constant ache that gets worse when I move it. I took ibuprofen this evening and have been massaging it.

I think the injury occured when my elbow hit the pavement. I went down on my inner forearm and my elbow and (I think) my hand caught me at the same time. I know my elbow took some of the force because of the bruising, but I believe my hand whacked just as hard. The damage must of happened on the inside because I didn’t see it. I remember a lot of that incident, but I don’t remember the trip off Little Wing to the ground; that happened too fast.

My powers of deduction say it is accident related. My powers of healing aren’t as good as my deduction powers so now I’m left with an answer and an ache. Ah well, these things happen.

Things hurt and they heal. Hard falls result in injury, and injury is a leading cause of pain.

The moral if the story is I’m human too. Damn.

Ah well, I say. It is late, I’m tired, and my hand hurts. Time for rest I think. If I rest well maybe the morning will find me all healed.

Sweet dreams.


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