Thirstily Firstly

I hadn’t ever been to a teahouse. Words I will not be able to say ever again. There is only one first time for everything, but every day is a possibility to do another first.

Yesterday I ate raw oysters for the first time. Yum. Another first.

My wrist and pinky pained me yesterday from the first moving fall on pavement and then I took a ride to have oysters. At first my hand was in too much pain to use the clutch. I was forcing it and it nearly had me in tears. I was at the top of a hill in the city of Portland so I didn’t have much choice, stop signs and steep hair pin turns quickly got me used to sqeezing the clutch again. By the end of the ride my hand had grown accustomed to the familiar action, though still aching it had dulled. After oysters, on the ride back through the stoplights and steep harpins up the hill, my hand was much more responsive. By the time I parked the bike my hand could open a door and hold a water glass, actions that were impossible to perform with my left hand just hours before.

I think my hurt originated from the fall on my bike, but I think it was compounded by the lack of riding. My hand wanted to be on the road.


I’m on the road today. I’m in Eugene, OR. Continuing the journey south. I have a few more hours to ride for the day, it is a lovely feeling, being on the road again.

It seems I stay just long enough to see some good fall colors and then the weather chases me onwards. The leaves were falling as I rode South from Portland. The clouds were leaking small amounts of precipitation, and the sun was peaking down, sharing a small amount of warmth. It isn’t warm today — wet and 57° — but it isn’t cold either. Chilly depending on the wind, but not worthy of complaint.

As I left my host this morning his young tenant told me he thought my theme song for today should be Steppen Wolfs Born to be Wild, and I wouldn’t disagree, that song fits well today. I have been crooning it in my helmet quite loudly as I ride, so if it wasn’t my theme song now it is.

I’m sporting a new pair of kevlar inforced pants today. They were a gift from the new friend I had oysters with. She had an extra pair so tossed one my way. They aren’t cheap, and they are better than a pair of regular jeans. She just saved me three hundred dollars and possible future road rash.

I am headed towards the Oregon/California border. That’s not a first for me, I’ve been to California, but it is still a first because I have never ridden a motorcycle in the state. On this first motorcycle adventure everything feels like a first.

My tea is gone. Little Wing and I have a bit further to go today.

“Looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way..”