And Now To Interrupt The Regular Broadcast…


Good morning folks.

Some of you have contacted me about helping financially. As I have been traveling I have picked up a few jobs along the way to keep the trip afloat. I am mainly an independent artist when I’m not on the road (except when I’m working for real money, which has to happen from time to time). Selling art off a motorcycle is a bit more difficult I have come to learn so I figured I would try another source of income til I am back home, safely secured upon a ladder and painting my next mural.

There is this cool website called Patreon to help people, just like me, in this type of situation. The deal is that you are reading my blog. Writing is currently my art, but it is not paying the bills, it isn’t (yet) filling the tank. If you would like to become more a part of the journey I am going to give you the option to do so by contributing a small amount monthly. It isn’t necessary by any means, but it will make the writing much better. When I don’t feel like I’m down to the last couple of dollars in my jingling pockets I feel more relaxed and free and tend to write more.

If you do choose to contribute I am offering extras. For any amount of money a month you can subscribe to the *Extra* email, full of fun weird thoughts that aren’t good enough for the blog. Extra pictures and updates will be sent out. It will give you the odd hectic, totally unprepared feeling that Little Wing and I feel all the time, all in email form. Join the adventure (insert deep, car commercial, voice here).

For even more money you can get a postcard a month plus the email. And for even more you can get a personal doodle plus the email.

Actually, if you are interested at all you can check it out by clicking the button below, and read more about it. Regardless of whether you contribute or not, the blog is still happening, as is the adventure. Little Wing and I are gonna keep on keeping on, but if you do really want to be a more involved this is one of the ways you can do it.

Thank you ♢


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