Wood smoke and quiet roads, it’s Christmas morning.

I’m riding today. I left a beautiful family to their holiday, so I could finally experience one alone. I have too many loving people in my life, and I haven’t got to do a Christmas alone in my lifetime yet. I am grateful for this today, I couldn’t of asked for anything better.

I have have something to give to all you today. A story that is short and sweet, and perfect for today, or at least I think so.

People are very kind. Yesterday, riding through the very Western edge of Los Angeles, I was stopped at a red light. I had filtered to the front of the line and was ideling in between a small white car on the left, and a tall, blue, F450, with a missing rear window,on the right.

“Merry Christmas!” A deep voice shouted from over head. I looked up to see a young, twenty-something young man looking down at me from the driver seat of the Ford.

“Merry Christmas to you,” I responded. A girl was sitting next to him, in the passenger seat, and she wished me a merry Christmas as well. We three proceeded to have a short redlight-greenlight conversation about why they were missing the rear window and where we were all from. A beautiful moment of relief shared by strangers in the busy, stressful,  L.A. traffic. The day before Christmas, where it seemed everyone was in a hurry, and everyone had a honk to share. It was nice for three people to relate positively, and, for me, it changed the ride. I felt more at ease after that. The tension relaxed and I rode with the knowledge that strangers in vehicles are kind too. I am grateful for that moment.

Happy day today, whatever it is you celebrate. Look out of your window and share a redlight-greenlight moment with someone.. anytime of year. A smile goes a long way. I’m taking those two smiles across the country with me.


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