Little Morning Updates: Winging It

I managed to do most all the repairs yesterday. I have been buggering over foot peg for a bit though. I’m slightly unsure what the fix will be but I am confident I will get it.


These are the fellows I get to work with; my garage buds. Stiches, Brookey and Foxey, all lined up this morning, waiting.

The main issues are fixed. The part of the bike that keeps me moving, the drive belt hub, is straightened out. Hammered into submission yesterday morning, making the bent side straight. If all is straight, and the belt doesn’t end up rubbing on the edge, then that is complete.

The pipe has been pryed into it’s regular position. This means that I didn’t have major frame damage that would effect the pipe permanently. There is some pretty extreme scarring on the pipe, but it only makes Little Wing look like a badass, and lets face it, one of us has to.



The issue of bad braking seems to be attributed to a bent pedal adjuster bolt. This is an easy replacement. Less than a dollar for a new one at a hardware store. I will replace this and fix the brakes tomorrow after fixing the footpeg. If I don’t incur any additional costs I am looking at a little less than a dollar for one bolt and the imagined cost of my time. My time is actually very valuable, seeing as I’m on adventure and haven’t held a regular job in months. Not.


So really, all in all, there is a lot to be grateful for. It looks like most everything will be an easy fix, except maybe my boots. But really, who am kidding. I’m riding a motorcycle, not hiking. The adventure will continue. As Jimi would say “Fly on Little Wing.”


2 thoughts on “Little Morning Updates: Winging It

  1. Dear Diamond,

    I’m pleased that you were able to repair you bike with no major damage. Little Wing seems pretty resiliant, and you are apparently up to doing the necessary work; great! I’m also happy that you have a good place to stay while you and Little Wing get back in shape.




    • I am glad for all that too. It could have been so much worse, I am learning some great lessons. I am also learning how great it is to have wonderful people in my life. Hugs to you too Roger!


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