Looking At Maps And Weather Forecasts

Tentative plan:

To start, today, I am going to wait ’til Tucumcari, NM stops feeling like a frigid icebox,  and then I am going to the autoparts store for some oil.  After the errands are run, and the chores are done, I am heading to a place called Meredith Lake National Recreation Area in Texas. The Lake promises free camping in a gorgeous spot, what more could a gal ask for? Especially after the chilly night of camping I spent here, on the side of a county road, last night. New Mexico does not appear to offer cheap, or free, camping.

Since it will be raining in Oklahoma City tomorrow I will spend two nights in Meredith, resting my bones and enjoying my own company, maybe swimming, but definitely hiking, yayyy!


I’m not particularly interested in going to Oklahoma City, but whichever route I take will have me riding past it on my way to Arkansas.

Arkansas. I’m pretty excited for that, because I’m planning om getting on Highway 61, and taking the Great River Road all the way up to the great place that is Itasca State Park, MN.

I have always wanted to take Highway 61 for many reasons, one of them being the great Bob Dylan and his glorification of it,  but then there is Mark Twain and the Mississippi lore he espoused — I wont be on a steam boat, or a raft, but a motorcycle is sooo much better. Plus, Memphis is on it. Plus it is called The Blues Highway,  and if you know me at all you know that I adore the blues.

I also am digging the low elevations and warmer weather that may welcome me there, as well as the scenery,  which seems more promising then the East side of Colorodo and West side of Nebraska.

What do you think dear readers? Any opinions? Anybody want to join me?

As soon as I finish this cup of tea Little Wing and I will be heading out. 


(Photo Credit: Chuck Brown -- California)