Taking Care Of The Oily Bits

Little Wing got a good cleaning today. This post is for all you motorcycle fanatics who understand the power of a good bike cleansing. Cleanliness is next to godliness. And everyone knows we don’t honor false idles.. or something like that.

Anyway, enough of that, I took some before and after shots. Don’t gawk too much, he’s a pretty piece of equipment, but if he gets any bigger of a head I have to find another teardrop gas tank, and I think this one suits him after it’s shined up a bit.



Lots of bug crud, leaf duff, and dirt build up, as well as three months of oil from leaky seals. No worries, we got that off there now.


Mmmm, greasy.


Yep, that oil gets everywhere.


No pressure, but someone should really clean that bike up. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya.

Guess what folks? I took care of all that. Me myself, some good engine degreaser, and various scrubby instruments and rags.



Some things just don't want to get clean, but check out that clear-as-a-mirror belt cover. Beautiful.


Look! The discoloration of the carb is visible again! What a job.




Now someone should go clean thegrease of them fingers. Peace man, job well done. Owner and bike satisfied, check.

So there you have it. That’s how I spent my sunny day in Nor-Cal. Getting greasy and checking all my motorcycle’s nuts and bolts. Not too bad.

Tomorrow I’m off to Monterey.


6 thoughts on “Taking Care Of The Oily Bits

  1. You sure were a joy coming into our lives. Marilyn and I are looking forward to your return one day. Best of luck. Hugs & Kisses, Chuck & Marilyn


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